ROUNDUP 3 April 27th

by Haggai Cohen-Milo

DANCE: Holly Sass & Justin Faircloth
MUSIC: Richie Barshay, Michael Coleman & Haggai Cohen-Milo

1st round  (Holly and Michael)

Holly: you cannot play C or F.
Michael: You cannot leave the ground.

2nd round (Justin & Richie)

Richie: Incorporate lots of repetition but without regular spacing between the repetition.
Justin: You can’t play for more than 5 seconds at a time.
Richie: I like arms.  Use your fingers a lot.

3rd round (Holly, Justin & Haggai)

Haggai: Can you use a lot of pedestrian movement?  Transform pedestrian movement into the dance.
Holly:  You have to hold your bass in a different orientation, not like this (showing the normal way to play the bass).
Haggai: Start the piece where you enter in the far door near the audience and leave out the other door for the ending.
Justin: Play something jazzy.
Haggai: Have a clear dominant & submissive relationship between you - who is who can change in a moment back and forth.

4th round ensemble: (all performers)

Michael: You (to dancers) have to always be touching each other at the knee.
Justin:  You (to piano) can play no less than 5 notes at once.
Richie: Create lots of floor squeaking sounds.
Holly: You all (to musicians) have to switch instruments - musicians choose  (bass player moves to piano, percussion moves to bass, & piano moves to percussion).
Haggai:  Start the piece with speech and end it with terrible laughter and/or crying.
Holly:  You (to musicians) each take us through a natural disaster from the beginning of a storm to how is dissipates.  Bass is earthquake, Percussion is Hurricane, Piano is Tornado.

5th round ensemble: (full cast) with audience directions

Audience instruction to musicians: Create the most emotionally beautiful music you can come up with.
Audience instruction to dancers: An event tool - You control the other dancer by making a loud noise/scream and the other dancer has to close his/her eyes and dance for 20 seconds.  This power can go back and forth and can be used whenever you decide.
Audience instruction to musicians: Bass takes the melody line and piano takes the bass. Piano and bass play together, percussion plays by itself - those rolls trade. 
Audience instruction to dancers: Leap.  Or lifting - leave the ground more to make the piece less grounded because the evening so far felt close to the ground a lot.