The MakeSpeak Method fundamentally transforms the process of making music , dance, and visual arts. It is comprised of three components: research, which explores the theoretical, linguistic and interpretive commonalities and divergences of the different disciplines; education, which informs practitioners how their art can inform, influence and communicate with other disciplines; and performance, which puts this structured yet spontaneous exchange on display. From this foundation a communal vocabulary evolves in real-time performance; allowing for maximum freedom as well as clarity and tools to navigate an open form situation. 

Performance ⋮ 

The core people of MakeSpeak, made of musicians, dancers and visual artist who are fluent in the method perform full length works. 

Research ⋮

This is an ever evolving method, we keep adding and developing new tools, exercises, and writings to expand and depend the practice. 

Education ⋮ 

We hold workshops and masterclass in different cities around the world to teach the method to people of all disciplines. 


On April 7th+8th 2014 we had our first MakeSpeak workshop in NY. It took place at the Mark Morris Dance center in Brooklyn. This video is a quick overview of a few moments from the workshop. We had a great time! For more visit --- The exercises mentioned in the video (in order) are: Multi Focused Listening Direct Translation Passwords ---- Instructed by Haggai Cohen-Milo (bass) and Mateo Lugo (guitar) Voiceover by Haggai Cohen-Milo Cinematography by Orian Barki Edited by Guy Shaham